Our History

Our History

The old synagogue.

Our congregations history begins in 1888, with the assistance of HIAS (the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), the Harris family, the Silver family, the London family and the Robinowitz family settled in High Point. Over time, other Jewish families came in High Point.
At first, this small community of Jews rented space for religious services from a variety of owners: Penny Brothers at the corner of Main and Washington, Skiff’s 5 & 10 on Main St., Houser Feed Store on Wrenn St.
Finally, after many years the Jewish community of High Point had enough money to build a synagogue!
The High Point Hebrew Congregation, also known as B’nai Israel Synagogue, constructed and dedicated this building in 1927. The location was in what is now the parking lot of the Roy Culler Senior Center on Hamilton St.

In 1952, recognizing the need for larger space to accommodate an increasing number of Jewish children, the High Point Hebrew Congregation, also known as B’nai Israel Synagogue constructed and dedicated this building on Hamilton St. You probably recognize this building as the Roy B. Culler Senior Center.

The downstairs chapel.

When B’nai Israel Synagogue moved to its current location in 1965, the congregants brought along, in addition to the Torahs, many of the same items from the old synagogue. Here, in our downstairs chapel, you see on the raised pulpit (in Hebrew, the “Bimah”), the menorahs, the lectern (on the far left) the “Torah Table” (in the middle) and the “Torah Stand” (on the far right).
The two chairs and all of the woodwork in the back came from the old synagogue, as did the pews which you can see in the in the bottom left and right corners.

The Story of “The Four Chaplains” and the Connection to B’nai Israel Synagogue